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Austin, Texas

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Austin loves to describe itself as the “live music capital of the world,” but there’s far more to enjoy than just a robust music scene. Here are our recommendations:

Replacement Tapes
The Lab Theatre on the UT Austin Campus In Association with – The Rude Mechanicals
Giving the audience a role in the fight to get the members of the Women’s Auxiliary Corps (WACs) the full pay they deserve, Replacement Tapes plays with history. The Rude Mechs pair a plot by O. Henry with the gems of modern technology in this valiant, immersive piece. 



The Driskill – Built in 1886 for a cattle baron, this architecturally stunning building is a Texan landmark. The hotel’s sumptuous decor continues to evoke the sense of luxury sought by the property’s original owner.

The Austin Motel – Run by two families over the course of seventy years, this motel serves as a quirky, cozy home-away-from-home for those visiting Austin. Guests will appreciate the hotel’s warm and relaxed aesthetic.


The Continental Club – Amongst Austin’s numerous music venues, the Continental Club stands out with its vivid, retro decor. Go to this unique venue to enjoy a mix of musical styles, including roots, blues, rockabilly and country.

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