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The creative force of nonprofit theaters across the nation has largely escaped the notice of national media.  At the same time, local coverage of theater in American towns and cities has diminished.

Enter OnStage Enterprises, a new multi-media company developing complementary media and services for theater enthusiasts. We intend to upend the status quo with, a website devoted to exploring all aspects of theater, current and past, nationally and internationally.


  • FOCUS the spotlight on the exciting and innovative work being generated at non­profit theaters worldwide. Our wide-ranging, in-depth coverage will boost the efforts of nonprofit theaters to expand their community of dedicated subscribers and intensify the passion of their current supporters.

  • CATER to the theatergoer’s appetite for insider news, penetrating insights, arresting profiles, and provocative commentary on every aspect of theater— and the desire to connect with those who share that passion.

  • HIGHLIGHT the theater companies and the actors, playwrights, directors, composers, lyricists, choreographers, set designers whose work makes American theater so compelling.

  • EXPAND the reach of nonprofit theaters and showcase their artistic excellence.

  • CONNECT theatergoers throughout America and the world.

  • BUILD a lively social network, providing new ways for theater enthusiasts to connect with one another and share their experiences, interests, and passions.

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